puma-dev, https and Firefox

Ik zal nog eens een lijstje maken:

  • brew install puma/puma/puma-dev
  • sudo puma-dev -setup
  • puma-dev -install
  • mkdir ~/.puma-dev
  • puma-dev link -n yourapp . from your app’s root folder
  • open Firefox and go to yourapp.test
  • open Firefox preferences
  • open Privacy and Security
  • all the way at the bottom you’ll find Certificates
  • click on View Certificates
  • in the Authorities tab, import the Puma-dev certificate which you’ll find at ~/Library/Application Support/io.puma.dev/cert.pem
  • refresh yourapp.test

Natuurlijk vind je 50% van dat lijstje in de README. 👍🏻


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